16 Helpful and Fun iPhone Apps for Moms

If there’s one person that needs some extra help in this world, it’s mothers. They run around everyday with their heads cut off trying to keep everything going smoothly. I can’t hire them an assistant, but I’ve found a few apps that can make your life easier. There are many more great iPhone apps, but after recent news that Apple tracks your activity, I thought it would be best to find apps that didn’t require a lot of personal information (such as banking figures, medical information, etc). There are apps that can do amazing things with this info, but I would not use them due to Apple’s policies and therefore can’t recommend them. Anyway, onto the fun!

This is called the mother’s personal assistant and for good reason. In it, you can make any sort of list you like (grocery list, to-d0 list, wish list, notes), manage your calendar, create reminders, find grocery coupons based on your location and share all this info through email, facebook or twitter. You can also break everything down into as many categories and also view everything on a map. There’s not much that can limit what you can do with this app making it a true personal assistant.

Mom Maps

Have you ever wanted to go out with your kids to just have some fun but can’t get past trying to find something to do? A lot of activities on search engines aren’t necessarily for kids or families, so this app was created! It’s an interactive location-based map which has stuff just for kids and families. It includes parks, playgrounds, family-friendly restaurants, museums and indoor play areas to search from. You can also read reviews from other users to help make up your mind. All around good app for the family.

Red Laser

This cool little app is sweet and simple. Just scan a barcode using your camera and you can see what that item costs on major sites all across the internet. So, no more overspending on a toy at Target only to find an ad online for $10 less. Don’t worry about tantrums either. Instead of saying “it’s expensive here, we’ll get it cheaper somewhere else”. You can now say “it’s too expensive here, but I know where we can get it cheaper”. Plus, now your child will be on better behavior for the week spent waiting for the toy to arrive.Silent Bodyguard

You hope that you will never have to use this, but if you do, it will come in handy. With the push of a button, you alert your emergency contacts through text message that you are having an emergency along with your location. Your assailant will never know that you have alerted anyone and help will soon be on the way.


This is truly helpful to all moms who want to get in and out of the mall or just to keep a time limit. It guides you turn by turn through the mall to find stores, bathrooms and even your parking spot. You can also find the stores to go to based on what you’re looking for and find deals going on at each store. It’s quite the handy dandy tool for someone that doesn’t want to get sidetracked.

Sit Or Squat

I’ve known about this app for a few years and I think it is indispensable for moms. Based on your location, this app uses GPS to find the bathrooms nearest to you that are available to the public. No more wondering where the bathroom when the your kid needs to use the bathroom, because when a kids needs to go, a kids needs to go now!

Baby Phone

This app turns your phone into a baby monitor any time you need. Place the phone by the baby and when the baby makes a noise, your phone will call the phone number that you have set up the app to call. So, when your baby wakes up, the phone you designated will ring and you will avoid the cost of a baby monitor, or simply be able to use it on the go.

Food Additives

For moms that are worried about what ingredients are going into your food, use this app. Just look up the ingredient you’re wondering about and you will find all health info you need including function, origin and risks. It’s also great for people who have allergies and need to know to the risks of ingredients.

Weet Woo!

Most kids love YouTube, but sadly there are a lot of videos on there that are not good and kids need to be protected. With this app, your kids can surf YouTube with a safe filter, so they won’t run into indecent content. They can have fun and you can be sure they’re not seeing anything they shouldn’t be.

Your Breastfeeding Friendly Locator

One of the biggest pains about having a newborn is nursing while in public. Some people treat mothers very rudely and some are just down right intolerant. So, this app was created to help moms find places where they can breast feed based on their location. There is no more need to try to find a corner where you will be alone or a bathroom stall to huddle into. You can now find places that are friendly with kids, breastfeeding and everything that entails being a new mother.


I love this app and I’m not a mom. It’s an app that acts as your assistant. Voice activated, it can answer almost all of your needs, such as “what is the status of American flight 452?” or “book a table at the best sushi place around here” or “get me a taxi”. Just say it and Siri does it. I love it and it makes me a more helpless.

Fruit Ninja

This is a favorite of my nephews. They can stay busy for quite some time with it. It’s simply just chopping fruit that pops up in the air. Maybe it’s the graphics, but kids love it! It’s an easy and fun way to keep them busy.Voice Plus

This is another favorite of my nephews. It’s fun for kids and parents can play too. You make a voice recording and then you can change the voice in over 20 ways and replay it to make your kids laugh. They have deep voices, high voices, guitar voices, slow voices and so many more all guaranteed to make your kid have some silly fun.

Crazy Mouth

This is another app for kids. It’s a bunch of different mouths that do different things. There’s whistling one, a growling one, a baby crying and a few more. You just choose one and hold the phone to your mouth. It makes kids laugh and they’ll want to do it themselves too. It’s just some more silly fun.


This app makes shopping more fun. You earn points for checking in at stores by just tapping on the stores that show up around you. These points earn you prizes such as gift certificates to Best Buy, American Eagle, Restaurant.com, iTunes and many more places. You can also makes donations to charity and get Facebook points. You earn something from shopping and you have to love that.

Read Me Stories

This is an interactive book app for kids to help them learn to read in a fun way. Pages do things, so it’s somewhat like a mixture between a book and a movie, which is sure to be new to your kids. They’ll enjoy it while they learn and you can help them along as well.

Phones are more than just phones these days and you should use them to their fullest to get your money’s worth and to make your life as easy as possible. Hopefully these will do just that. If you have any other cool apps, let us know below.

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